I’m probably not going to write everyday. If I was, that energy should be exuded toward my literary work. Nonetheless, writing is writing. I’ve prayed, taken my vitamins, ran, showered (oh, how it feels great to shower after melting in a sauna), and eaten something unhealthy. The highlight of my day is catching up on last week’s lineup– Black Box, The Challenge: Free Agents, and Catfish. Needless to say, I’m a sucker for MTV aesthetics (and that shoulder thing Kelly Reilly does).

It’s a Saturday afternoon. Saturday is truly my lazy day. Saturday is the day I truly get annoyed having to drive two miles to Food Lion just to get a fresh box of Special K Fruit and Yogurt because Saturday is solely my couch day.

Every other day, I find myself inconveniently obliged to something. And I use the word “inconvenient” with respect to how much I love my couch and the endless forms of entertainment on it. Waking up too early is even an inconvenience on a Saturday. It’s truly a nuisance not being able to go back to sleep when I know I have absolutely nothing scheduled later on. I don’t even have a social life here– yes, zero friends. Just my husband and me.. staring at each other all day long, making precarious plans to do whatever cool thing we see on the internet. It’s a shame that one of the things that gives me butterflies now is my husband getting out of bed so I could stretch out disheveled and selfishly. I hope that conveys why I appreciate this me-time and why I sincerely become irritated having to do anything as trivial as dropping off outgoing mail, answering emails, dusting off the counters.

It would be an ideal situation for me to travel the world on my couch.. with my television pasted on whatever platform that was moving us of course.

I hope you all are having a great Saturday. Relax away. If you practice Catholicism like me (not at all necessarily devout as most Catholics understand), you know that tomorrow will call for another obligation. Not to mention, it’s Mother’s Day and I am neither a mother nor a timely sender of Mother’s Day cards. I should have sent them last Saturday.

Bon samedi.