One thing about being in the military is that a lot of where you end up is influenced by your home base. I’ve been complaining a bit lately (something I don’t like people knowing that it’s something I subconsciously like doing). I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer so I try to be negative through satire. Living here, it’s important we both stay within radius and, man, does it drive us crazy. If this town was just a little more congested, I would be a little happier. I need a blowout and that’s only an hour away.

Two nights ago, I noticed a straggling beer in the back of our fridge that I forgot was there and decided to drink it. The next morning, I woke up with a nose as clogged as my drain, a throat as harsh as– basically, I woke up sick. My head isn’t even really aching in the scientific sense of the word “headache.” It feels like the lining of the inside of my head is tender to touch. I didn’t even notice it until I leaned back on the headrest of my car. This stinks. I’m gonna go work out because exercise fixes everything. No use in drooping around. I just read on LIVESTRONG “never visit a sauna if you feel sick in any way.” Hopefully, I’m not putting myself in any compromising positions. I drank plenty of water today. I think I’ll be alright.


Yes, this was a Twitter-drop.


Beside that, today was my last day of work (it felt kinda rushed) and I’ve got interviews lined up Thursday morning. Plus, I’ve got some militarial obligations to fulfill after that. Right this second, however, I feel guilty sitting around during business hours. I need to do something to look forward to (and to feel deserving to have earned) couch and television time.

I put Take This Waltz in on TasteKid and it gave me a bunch of movies I had never even heard of. Like, why couldn’t I stumble upon Drinking Buddies when I was working on a hot aircraft for ten hours a day last summer and the only thing I had to look forward to was sleep and Middle Sister? The same goes for those really good movies they randomly throw in on LMN. TrustChloe? I mean, hello? When I google “good movies,” this is what I mean, Google! When I put Kings of Convenience in the form of a movie on TasteKid, this is what I mean, TasteKid! I re-watched every season of Girlfriends and Desperate Housewives last summer for pete’s sake.

Anyway, I’ve got Nobody Walks, Beginners, and Your Sister’s Sister to look forward to in a few. I know, my life is so stimulating these days.