I’ve been really satisfied with the way my hair has been feeling after doing my second coconut milk wash/okra leave-in. I’ve also been moisturizing with the grape seed oil-coconut oil mixture every two days alternating in the morning and at night. My hair finally feels healthy and full. It’s only a matter of time before I see some growth and have overall appreciation for sticking to this much-better hair styling plan. I really don’t even need a texturizer. That’s the best part of it all!

I feel great doing without chemicals. I should’ve been using Suave the whole time I was using Dove. Dove Conditioner has worked tremendously for me in the past but all those chemicals weren’t really doing me any good in the long run. Plus, you have to switch up your products every once in a while. I was afraid to try something new with the expectation that it would ruin my hair all the while Dove had gotten tired of my strands and was eating it up.

I told my sister to let me do her hair for her graduation. She’s young so healthy hair is just handed to her. I know a good coconut milk wash/okra/grape seed oil/coconut oil leave-in will go a long way. I’m actually excited about this.

I had an interview a few days ago. I probably smiled way too much for my own good. Before that, AJ and I found the perfect hookah lounge. I didn’t know it was going to be so crowded, though. There were kids everywhere. It was smack dab in the middle of college town (which explains it). Well there was probably not another hookah spot for miles. We waited a good hour (catching a nice parking ticket along the way) before finally getting a seat outside. They had a hookah-outside-only policy, which was new to me.

I have to say, I almost didn’t want to go because they served Indian cuisine. I’m not a big fan of curry. That eliminates Jamaican food from my appetite. I also don’t eat a lot of meat, let alone goat or lamb. I just don’t take to foreign meat dishes I’ve never tried after the age of ten. I had a nice falafel (New York City food trucks– bar none) and a small baklava so it all worked out. I guess when I think about Indian cuisine, I just think about meat, not putting two and two together that some Indians are also avid vegetarians. I’m living and learning. AJ had some fun playing with the hookah. I love experiences like that. It excites me all the more knowing it’s just the beginning.

I haven’t finished those movies yet but, while we were at the restaurant, I remembered how incredible the acting in movies like Drinking Buddies is. I guess you could call that technique something along the lines of “natural” where the actors stumble over each other’s words, the wardrobe is scrubbed down, the scenarios look authentic. No, it’s not like a Lifetime movie where everyone gives each other room to talk. In real life, like at the outdoor table AJ and I were sitting at, our hair was a little out of place, our faces were glossed with the rain speckling on the ledge, the chairs were mismatched, the environment was loud. When I watch a film that allow the actors to speak with their indoor voice outside and the other person still hears them, and then the actors could be balled up in a corner whispering on the phone in their mousiest of voices and some else in another room catches their every word, I let the movie fall into the “believably fictional” category. Like, in real life, you find yourself practically shouting at outdoor restaurants and there’s no way that villain heard you solidify your travel arrangements.

Movies like Drinking Buddies fall into “believably nonfictional” (almost documentary) category because of how comfortable and real the scenes are. I imagined ourselves in a movie (because I think of things like that in the middle of dinner) and realized how talented you have to be to be one of those actors portraying “natural” settings. Even as I joked about it with AJ, we could’ve been acting, but the reality of cameras being present while be basically played pretend broke our imagination and will to ever be actors. They really have to psych themselves out and believe that what they’re doing is real. Now that’s talent.

In saying that, we decided we would re-watch either Shame or Nights and Weekends. I also really wanna show him Like Crazy— a movie I forgot I had and happened to be watching the first time we texted. I know– coincidence, right? We also developed from a long-distance relationship before we got married.

I guess this post counts as a little bit of a review so if anyone in the area wants to pay the busy hookah lounge a visit, the name of it is called Ali Baba.