I’m at a mandated briefing on base hopefully finding a more lucrative day job. After spending a lot of time in the pool in Florida, my scalp is itchy. I’m feeling insecure hacking at my hair right now. I hadn’t used shampoo in three months but had no choice due to the lack of space in our bag and the TRESemmé my mother also has on deck. We also didn’t really have the time for me to implement the coconut milk wash into our schedule. My sister had some Organix, which sounded okay, so I used some of it. I might have used too much pre-poo (some natural Shea Butter my old roommate suggested I buy off of Jamaica Ave) so my hair was thick with too much moisture and gunk when we got back. At least I knew I wasn’t completely stripping my hair.

Now I’m back to my regular regimen and looking forward to my second coconut milk wash since Florida. I haven’t seen any signs of split ends since I got it cut and it surely is growing.

My personal computer broke a few weeks ago so AJ and I have been playing tug-of-war over his. I need to watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, he needs to do his homework. I know right.. how selfish of him. No, but my heart does go out to him for the workload he’s taken on. I had a dream he was taking a Calculus course and I watched him outside of a classroom struggling. I hurt for him knowing I couldn’t help. I passed Calculus with a C-. He’s struggling now with Accounting. I’ve taken Accounting, too. The course brought me to tears (not an exaggeration).

I also made some friends from my shop although I’m keeping my head on a swivel being surrounded primarily by male mechanics. Going out in civies and makeup around the guys I sweat throughout the day with because I don’t want to take my ABU shirt off feels very strange.