I am in desperate need for some sun. It appears, since the summer’s started, we have been engulfed by nothing but rain and clouds. The sun being out is actually something I notice nowadays and, each day I see those tiny lightning bolts on my Weather app, I actually get a little mad. I usually don’t care about details like the weather because I never let external things effected me. However, now my skin has reached its breaking point. The long, harsh winter has caused microdermabrasion where it should not be needed. As a result, I thought about catching a tan yesterday afternoon when some of my in-laws invited AJ and I to join their family vacation. Of course, AJ had to work this morning so we didn’t stay for long. Still, I was so relaxed from the heat, the beauty of their Dewey Beach three-story home, and three glasses of White Zinfandel I wanted to fall asleep right there.

I finally caught my tan this morning. Before we left for Florida, it was still a little chilly here and then Florida itself poured the entire time we were there. Like I said, I never cared about sources of Vitamin D because I never needed it. When I lived in Florida, I was surrounded by it (especially not driving a car). And then, during my Summers in Connecticut when I was done with the semester, I was surrounded by it all the more, walking to and fro for work (because I still didn’t have a car). And then there was my time in Texas and working solely outside one Summer in Massachusetts. I feel like having the leisure of being a homebody again isn’t a good quality for someone who clearly, judging by the dark circles around her eyes, needs a lot of sun.

I’m just glad the sun is finally here. My skin isn’t what it used to be, undergoing the cauldron of pollution in New York City for two Winters yet appearing untouched and as glowing as the Summertime.

I tried a new nail salon here– one that received terrible reviews. It was actually okay. More expensive than somewhere in Queens but I’ve been biting a lot of bullets since moving out here. Plus, they had a lot of business (a line out the door) and sufficient nail technicians. Everywhere else I’ve observed usually only has one or two on duty and the second employee is usually on the computer or something, which makes not mentioning how many guests these salons have a given because there aren’t any. My own personal problem with nail salons is the fact that they are one of the filthiest places. A few years ago, I noticed a film of grime underneath the foot rest on the pedicure bath I was sitting at and the image stuck with me every since. I noticed afterward that it’s typically at every salon, especially those that are busy and very inexpensive. Those are the kinds that re-use the files, use nail drills on regular nails (unsafe but extremely effective if you want a super-buff), and often scrub so hard your cuticles bleed. I love it so I guess cleanliness is the price to pay for places like these (which is why, if Lee Nails is gonna look worn down, it should at least be inexpensive).

I watched a 20/20 episode that went inside the must underneath nail salon floorboards and, now, it’s like I’m trying to get over a phobia for nail salons I never even knew I had. I say this salon is okay because the price was decent for what’s standard around here. I almost considered getting the gel polish if I didn’t have to pay off their business loan to get it.

By the way, why do customers try to up-sell for businesses? They’re not getting anything for it. It’s like stop aggressively trying to convince me to spend money I don’t want to spend. Why are you doing this? You’re embarrassing me.

During my brief last week, the facilitator mentioned how this town used to be “poppin’.” Someone shouted, “Sounds like a myth.” He explained how people came out here for the nightlife. I have a cousin who went to Temple who could vouch for that. I was confused myself when she said she used to hang around out here. Now I know understand this place. After the town turned a little bit into a ghost town, I guess it was hard on the businesses. Everyone is struggling, which means sticking to a strict and steady financial regiment. Specials usually attract business and trump competition but, unfortunately, in this case, the business is what it is. If they started some new specials, though, they’d find a loyal customer in me. Plus, I’d get my nails done more often, paying more than I do every three months I muster up the forty bucks to sit through what I could get done for twenty-five bucks less up north.

Lastly, I started Revenge and they did a good job hooking me at episode one and two. Thank you, Fil Eisler for featuring Little Dragon episode five of the first season, thereby making my heart melt. But it’s like “get revenge already!” I’ve been experiencing marathon withdrawals– you know that feeling you get after starting a good show and having the rest of the episodes waiting for you at home and wanting so desperately to just know what happens in the end? It took me two days to watch Parks and Recreation as well as Modern Family from scratch to two seasons ago but that’s because I wasn’t doing much at the time. When I was working in Massachusetts and my now-husband was over three hundred miles away and all I had to do was work and talk to myself, it took me much longer to watch Girlfriends and Desperate Housewives; but the seasons gave me a perfect balance of binging and needing more. It gave me something to do. Once that was over, I couldn’t think of any other juicy dramas (luckily not Revenge since it was only on its second season and I would’ve been over waiting for the real Amanda Clarke to just do something).

Anyway, hopefully Revenge pulls me back in because I’m getting tired of real Amanda Clarke letting her chances slide by her. I’m also really spooked by the way Victoria Grayson carries herself.

By the way, what’s Father’s Day?