My husband and I relocated and, in the middle of all of that, we’ve been trying to keep a steady meditation schedule, eat healthy, and map out our budget for the next month. With the help of my father, we successfully moved into an actual home. I mean, it’s an actual house– hardwood floors, echoes in the kitchen.. the whole nine. I have been gung-ho about decorating. When my husband and I first moved in together, I felt antsy about going all in to decorate our small apartment because of finances. The apartment quickly became very small and broken down. Now, I’m fully committed to keeping my home looking pretty and clean. I found this tutorial and we are implementing a wipe-everything-down regime into our daily routine.


I also have been meaning to go to church. Instead, I am being updated on the cable television world now that we now have cable. This summer, we got rid of cable to try to be more productive and to save money. We have decided to make this a tradition especially with us building a family. Our future children will never know that it was partially originally due to money that we don’t have cable in the summertime. They will simply deal with a summertime filled with physical activity and mental construction. It’s great!

I discovered this reality show on On Demand. To summarize, an online couple who have never met each other agrees to spend a week together on an island. Subjects Casey and Laya really bothered me because of Laya’s comfort level and Casey’s complete disregard. On top of all of that, she felt sorry for “putting him through it.” She actually told him she didn’t deserve him. Aside from her blatant lack of self-esteem, this bothered me because it was a great example of a horndog’s tactic to get a girl to sleep with him. The reverse psychology, the self-proclamation of unworthiness– none of that was her responsibility. When he held her hand walking into the cabin, she should’ve recognized it as a red flag. It’s like.. “Dude, we just met. Why are you holding my hand? I can walk perfectly fine, thank you.” It’s so obviously a way to drive the intimacy in.

Of course, he didn’t stop there. He grazed the back of her leg and then challenged her to a game of strip badminton. All the while, she cringed in an upright fetal position and he both shamed her for her reluctance and believed her reluctance to be untrue. Unfortunately, she fell for his tactics and cried and apologized and asked for his hand on their boat back home. He rejected her. So sad.

This will be another long week. My civilian job followed by a double in my military job. AJ and I will be hosting Thanksgiving this year like the grown-ups we are. I am totally excited partially for the food my sister and I will be preparing and partially for the guest room she will be staying in. I have been ignorant way too long on how much thought goes into decorating one room. I’m not trying to obtain a one color-scheme package and throw it into the bathroom. I am devoted. I am also counting down to December where I’ll finally be able to relax. October flew by. I will look forward to closing the rest of year out until the New Year at which point I will look forward to the next year. It’s my new adult routine of never appreciating the moment. Week by week, federal holiday by federal holiday.