In preparation for Thanksgiving, I’m breaking out all the brown and ivory and orange (my favorite interior design colors anyway). The guest room is tailored with a small porcelain pumpkin and hazelnut candles. Our home is full of fall.

Earlier this week, AJ and I received a shipment from South Carolina I have been waiting for. A few months back, while Craigslist shopping for our new home, I stumbled upon wine racks styled out of crates and could not take my mind off of them. Unfortunately, the seller took the ad down and I was lost and looking for a replicate. Crate and Barrel had nice ones but they didn’t have that worn and torn look authentic wooden wine racks have. Naturally, I took to Etsy. The ones on Etsy were extravagant– unnecessary lights, slots angled horizontally– I wasn’t interested. They were like the Crosley Record Players of wine racks. I just needed a wine rack, not a disco show. After much digging and price comparison and imagining the thing on my dining room wall, I found this vendor. I was weary because he had only made two sales prior to mine and his refund policy was slim. And then the photos he provided appeared to be fixed by obscuring lights. I went for it anyway (he gave me a military discount). He walked me through the entire process, which almost refuted my apprehension. He finished building it, he stained it, he laminated it. I felt a part of the process of my wine rack being born. In the back of my mind, I knew it would be fine but I was really blown away when we received it. I could just smell the tree it was made from. It was sturdy and strong and exactly what I had in mind. I was incredibly impressed! So buy from CharlestonRusticWood. This is indefinitely a plug.


AJ drilled some framing hardware on the back and we hung it above his liquor cabinet and now Thanksgiving is complete. By the way, I’m not opposed to Beringer but I grabbed this bottle of red wine by accident as it was sitting idly next to the five other bottles I was purchasing for Thanksgiving– we didn’t know liquor stores closed on Thanksgiving so we suffered last year, sharing a few drops of Chardonnay and having to talk to each other soberly. This year, we are prepared. Anyway, I’m about to research. It doesn’t even say what kind of red wine it is– it just says red wine.