I watched the Slap.. obviously. At first, I thought, How is a show going to survive off of one action? And then Thandie Newton explained that it’s a mini-series derived from an Australian show that derived it from a novel. So then I thought, Okay, this is a nice way to strike conversation up and to make the week go by quicker. I live my life nightly lineup to nightly lineup.

The opinion I’ve drawn as a product of foreigners is that foreigners uphold the “it takes a village” mindset. When I was younger, my mother didn’t allow other people to hit us but that didn’t mean we never had babysitters who didn’t speak English who thought they could get away with tying us to a dining room chair. After the scene that is the point of the entire show climaxed, Harry says to his father in Greek that he didn’t even hit him that hard. According to individuals not from America, slapping children is not that big of a deal especially when their hipster parents can care less that they’re putting other kids’ safety in danger. I really enjoyed the accuracy. Everyone on the internet will be judging from their American speculation chairs because they aren’t understanding of the borderline abuse foreign parents cast on their children (that’s called discipline). It’s not okay sometimes but it’s the way things are– that’s what makes countries different.

From where I stand, I would never allow another person to hit my children. Hopefully, I display more control over them than Gary did.

I also appreciate the jazz throughout the show. I’m very disappointed that Black Box won’t be returning. I loved the soundtrack and the plot. I truly was hooked! And then they ripped it right out from under me. I wish television shows thrived on my commitment to them. The Lying Game was also a favorite. Just stopped right at its peak. It’s like I have to sneeze but can’t; it’s like I’m stuck on top of a roller coaster. It’s a drag..

Onto the Grammy’s. I’ve been a fan of Wendy Williams since I was a littleun and I’m very sad that she claims to not know who Beck is. A media junkie who doesn’t know Beck? I don’t buy it. He’s only the child prodigy of David Campbell the composer. When I’d hear Mellow Gold on the radio, his being a prodigy was about the only thing I knew about him. It’s not like that winning stunt Esperanza Spalding pulled back in 2010. Surely, if I was an avid jazz listener (and I won’t lie and say I am despite my love for it), I’d know who Esperanza Spalding is. But Beck is a household name. Beck is popular alternative music. Then again, Paul McCartney is apparently made famous by Kanye West.

Lastly, I’m officially done with the box braids and very happy with my natural hair. I tried a braid out but it’s harder to maintain than straightening it. The only disadvantage to straightening is that I cannot apply a spray bottle to my hair. Coconut oil keeps my strands moisturized just fine this winter, however. I use heat protectant (something I’ve always survived without), tie my hair down in a simpler fashion, and wear a silk cap under my winter hat. I also bought a wig. I’m gonna have to look into stretching it out for it is too small for my head. As I type this, I’m doing my hot oil treatment for wash day tomorrow. I’m about to throw some garlic on my scalp, too. I want to not straighten my hair again but I may as well. I just don’t have the patience to experiment. Don’t think I ever will.

I organized three years of Soundcloud likes into playlists so listen to them.