This afternoon, I swept the Dollar General to conduct my very first Easter newborn photo shoot. I went in for plastic eggs and left with Styrofoam glittered eggs (as seen in the garland I fashioned with jute twine), three pieces of faux Easter-themed flowers, and a large teal basket that came as a trio but I broke it up because I won’t actually be needing baskets. The bunny was given to him by his Nana and Papa and the grass shreds were included in Nana and Papa’s Easter basket. The backdrop is an old dust cover we never use, the yellow blanket was per his great-grandmother, and the blue prayer blanket was per a family friend. Because I think all things are doable, I aimed high and expected to come out of this experience with pictures equivalent to what pops up when you Google “Pinterest, newborn.” We decked our son out in his Sunday Best and went to shooting!

DSC_0429 DSC_0430 DSC_0431

At first, we wanted to put him in the basket but he was uncomfortable and looked awkward. My husband then propped him up on the prayer blanket and he posed in a way that made his not wanting to deal with this apparent. We did several poses while we had natural lighting, and then we eighty-sixed the khakis and played with our bedroom’s ceiling light. My favorites were toward the end with the bathroom light slightly illuminating. I went back and caught a few with him in the basket even though it wasn’t the aesthetic I was going for. I love dim natural lighting (which reminds me– I binge-watched How to Get Away With Murder and concluded that the Keating house just doesn’t believe in turning on any lights especially during intense conversations about who murdered who).




Anyway, I wish I would’ve gotten a pose for every type of lighting because I’m compulsive in that way. I left the setting up so we can continue tomorrow during golden hour. I’d like all options available for when I never use these photos again. All in all, the pictures came out appropriately colorful in the name of Easter.