After giving birth, breastfeeding was a pain. My son latched on perfectly, my supply made my breasts as hard as footballs in the morning, and my son was growing adequately. His sucking just hurt excruciatingly, I’d become instantly thirsty, I was motionless for forty minutes, and I couldn’t stand the feeling of suckling. I reached out to a friend whose son was one and she suggested I join a breastfeeding support group. Had we never chatted about the trials of first time mothering, my potential would be sub par. Not only do I have a variety of opinions to turn to, these groups are also very entertaining. Here are three Facebook groups you should join should you need it. Remember to be cognizant of internet friendships and providing addresses to individuals you do not know. Be prepared to learn motherhood blogging lingo. Why “DH” is “dead husband” in these groups is beyond me. Perhaps it’s irony. For personal invites, comment below.

Dairy Queens – 24970 Members


Breastfeeding sometimes does not come easy. It is not for everyone– some might even call it unnatural. I used lanolin, shields, Vaseline, pumping, and beer in my journey. I eventually couldn’t even feel it after giving breastfeeding a break for a day or two and then picking back up (Similac was really fucking his stomach up). After a painful cracked nipple, I weaned myself off of the shield and here we are cruising through EBF. This support group provides advice on increasing supply, building a freezer stash, how long breastmilk lasts in the fridge, how well your “LO” is latched on, etc. Careful, though– this group is mainly composed of exclusively breastfeeding mothers so no formula talk. The rules are pretty rigid here– the admins get involved. Be sure to also include your picture in the comment so all questions have the same priority.

The Fussy Baby Site Support Group – 4880 Members


My first week home, I didn’t get out of bed. The side I sleep on was moist with musty sweat and breastmilk. I wore my robe until my husband returned from home to which my mother responded, “Don’t you have to look good for your husband?” Unfortunately, the only thing my husband was getting as soon as he got home was our son because I was running for the shower. On a particular bad day that week, our son was cluster feeding and wouldn’t stop crying. I took him a bath, walked around with him, changed him, burped him, fed him to sleep.. nothing was lasting. I called my mother crying and she told me I just had to leave him on the breast if that was what he wanted. When my husband came home to me in the same position, baby to breast, he didn’t believe I had not a minute to myself. This group helped me through his skepticism. Although our son is truly an angel with spontaneous and very brief high-needs characteristics, I consult this group for consoling techniques and to feel less alone as our son falls onto my lap/breast more times than not. He is a newborn and so very particular after all. Picture and video posts are permitted.

MOMents – 2370 Members


In pursuit of a general “mom” group with moms sharing general stories (moms who didn’t oppose formula or non-demanding kids), I found MOMents. Not only is the name clever, the stories are priceless. I occasionally post my troubles but I more enjoy providing marital and parental advice to the wonderful collection of other mothers as best as I could. I am still learning but I am somewhat of an expert having gone through the on-the-job-training of the first two months. That’s what they say anyway. Video and photo posts definitely encouraged!