I did a Bentonite Clay wash sans spray bottle but it still turned out beautifully. I wanted it to stay curly so I put gel on it via the advice on this video. For the rest of the week, I looked pretty ridiculous so I straightened it. I’m starting to part my hair down the middle despite always looking like a thirteen year old girl with my hair parted down the middle. I think the current high fashion trend (like the high fashion gap) changes my perspective on what’s ugly. I genuinely like the middle part but maybe I really just think I’m so ugly I’m beautiful.

It is the beginning of October and husband and I are officially preparing for the holidays. The brickness hit us abruptly. The little guy got his bear costume from this Amazon vendor. It’s a very cute costume but designed a little different than the photo portrayed. The hood won’t stay on. I also overestimated his size. His Well-Baby Checkup defined him in the ninetieth percentile in terms of height and weight. He’s a tank. Unfortunately, the costume will fit snugly in maybe a year or so. It is reversible and looks like a cute winter coat.

eOther than working every single day including weekends so we can buy our family impressive Christmas gifts, I have been listening to the Breakfast Club on iHeartRadio since it’s not on the local wavelengths anymore, tending to our new cat Enid who I discovered I am allergic to despite being raised up with cats, and Snapchatting like crazy.