We watched Gabriel and While We’re Young last night and here is our review. This will not contain very many spoilers. We also watched Inside Out but I will refrain from reviewing it to keep myself from going too much into detail. All I have to say about Inside Out is “Wow!”

I love psychological thrillers if the thrilling parts remain in the psyche. When it gets gory, I can’t stomach it so I was on the edge of my seat when Gabriel slipped a knife from the kitchen and the knife wasn’t addressed again. I Googled around for my own spoilers and couldn’t find any. Surely, this meant the knife would come up again in a scene with Gabriel going rampant. The movie spectacularly defines the anxiety of witnessing a mental disorder. I was in the movie. Rory Culkin’s character, clever but too youthfully skiddish, does a great job in his role. But my favorite were the wise mother and grandmother– they weren’t innocent and victimized. They weren’t kindergartners to the game.

While We’re Young is very humorous. We always say Ben Stiller’s comedy is timeless. He’s got this tired characteristic to him that will always work. Being “too cool for school” with a little bit of geeky honesty always works. The storyline was interesting but the movie was mainly about this new-age young people thing young people do. We’re authentic but we’re not; we want to live off the land but we’re career-driven; we want to create memories so we create memories. It’s confusing and obnoxious. Blurring the lines gets exhausting.

I was also impressed to find that Naomi Watts is never gonna age. That got me to thinking about how our perspective on celebrities has changed. Before, you were either a celebrity or you weren’t. If you had a minor fanbase, you weren’t really a celebrity. Naomi Watts was high profile at one time and then I forgot about her. I was surprised she sorta popped back up on the screen in this film. I wondered what makes an A-Lister an A-Lister? These days, celebrities focus less on their concentration and more on business ventures and expansion. At some point, they disappear for a while. They’re making money but not in the way it used to be– appearing on any and ever commercial; any and ever talk show. Social media is the television commercials and the talk shows except the celebrity herself doesn’t have to show her face.

One con of celebrities growing solely through social media is that you can’t really turn on social media for background noise. Keeping up with who’s relevant and who said what and how far the chains shook is hard to do when you have to physically sit down and read (newspaper style). Additionally, social media is great to reach fans but reach them too much and celebrities become attainable; no longer godly. We track them but we’re also doing the same things as them and quickly lose interest in what they’re up to. Case in point– I forgot about Renée Zellweger’s face as the news was talking about it.

I look at Naomi Watts and wonder where she’s been all these years. She hasn’t crossed my mind. I watched Funny Games with AJ last year but that’s about it. She’s in the decent hundred thousand followers realm. Meanwhile, I stumble upon Austin Mahone and Little Mix and find that they have a huge fanbase and I’ve heard not a one single from them. Rising to the top isn’t the same as it was. When 3LW was coming up, you knew they were coming. The hits were one after the other and the attention was overlapping. There was conversation like, “Oh, yeah that new girl group on 106!” Today, I’m all like, “And who is Fifth Harmony?”