I disagree with this and this makes me mad lol. I have an alright baby so maybe I had a little bit of an advantage but I was working a few jobs at once and lugging his hungry, non-walking ass to the gym in order to take off twenty-five pounds. I let him cry in the play room one night in order to squeeze a measly mile in before putting him to bed at his annoyingly early bedtime. Getting fit isn’t about “small things” to help the body, not about money, and sure as hell isn’t about lack of motivation. It’s all about consistency and you will make time for it if it matters to you. If you’re carping about not having the motivation, it doesn’t matter to you at all. I don’t like this expectation that a lean body is just gonna come to you if you take a walk every now and then and drink a Diet Coke everyday. I still haven’t reached my ideal body so I’m not the face of all gym rats.. but I know it takes a little more than office crunches and supplements to get tight.