We haven’t gone to to the beach once this summer and it’s already cold in the morning. I regret that. The silver lining is that the beach is meant for sleeping and tanning, not chasing a toddler around and getting sand out of his crying mouth. I took him to the pool a few times but it was a hassle. We were better off at the zoos and the museums. Now that the weather is cooling off, I should compose a winter bucket list to keep from regretting that I didn’t make the most out of the outdoors. I feel like I always vie to do summer things in the winter and then I tend to stay indoors in the summertime.

I’ve been watching a lot of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. My neighbor put it on one afternoon, exclaiming, “That’s got to be us! One day, Sarah, that’s gonna be us.” The Kardashians are clearly very blessed in terms of material fortune and young women looking up to their beauty. I personally have never held a formal opinion on them. I’ve seen them around the press and watched an episode here and there. The last time I watched them, they definitely weren’t as polished as they are now. As a result of lack of knowledge, I decided to watch every episode to form my own opinion and to focus in on the nuances that made them evolve– to “know.” I’ve established that the Kardashians are just fine. I hate when my mother compares my sisters and me to the Kardashians or the Braxton sisters because I always thought their problems were magnified for televison; however, I totally get it now.

After watching every episode, I picked up on the theme of reality television– casual improv introduction, conflict, climax, resolution, learning moment, and final thoughts. Although the show is put together for our entertainment, I soaked in the lessons for what they’re worth especially keeping in mind that the Kardashians are actually human and have actual shit going on in their lives. I wondered how they all functioned if they in fact didn’t resolve their problems but had to deliver for their viewers anyway. Because we’re all dynamic, I’m talking their problems outside of their family, too; those mornings they “don’t feel like doing it.” There’s a little bit of a strength I’ve observed there.

And the unique nature of the mother-daughter/sister-sister relationship exhibited in the show has served as a teaching tool for my husband who grew up with boys. The almost instant turnaround for nasty, nearly blood-shedding fights my sisters and I get into always stuns him but that’s just the way girls are. The older we get, we learn to respect each other as women but the hate-love relationship between sisters and daughters and mothers is everlasting. Doesn’t mean we won’t take a bullet for each other mid-scratching each other’s eyeballs out.

I read in one of those ephemeral Snapchat news stories that Kris appreciates being pushed to talk about family problems via the show. The show is interesting to me because it is somewhat of a family show (a show made for those families who might not tell their kids to shut their eyes during kissing movie scenes but still).With their troubles, they advocate perseverance of tribulations. I have to say, however, that I don’t endorse idolizing them.

Speaking of Snapchat, I never snap my trips to the gym because I think it’s pretentious but I honestly haven’t gone in like two months. I’m developing a pouch. I’m still fit but I see myself getting to the “reminiscent” point. That’s even more annoying than snapping my every trip to the gym.