Box braids are my preferred protective style because they’re cute and I’m able to spray bottle and lock in as much moisture as I want without walking around with a poof. The poof is what keeps me from catapulting myself into this natural hair journey. My hair gets so dry so quickly and I don’t want to deal with it. As a result, my hair is beyond heat damaged; I just keep styling it to hide my split ends.

I’ve been busy at work so a plain lazy bun has taken over my identity. I’ve moisturized only my edges with water, oil, and cream in the morning (just as I’d do with box braids). One night, I decided, “Well, my hair has been untouched since my cowash all week. More water isn’t gonna drive me crazy.” I braided my hair with aloe vera and water, Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream, and locked in the moisture with an argan/olive/coconut/jojoba/castor oil concoction. The next morning was fine! I undid the braids and brushed it back up to my lazy bun.

With how easy doing my hair after saturating it was, I anticipated moisturizing again. I always thought the post-cowash olive oil was enough but no! As the natural hair blogs so obviously advocate, moisturizing needs to be done every night (coupled with protein treatments). I was also always afraid of moisturizing too much and making my hair fall limp so I primarily wash with protein conditioners reasoning that strong, dry hair is better than over-moisturized hair. It’s like I just solved math. Now I could only imagine the great influence moisturizing every night for a month would have on my natural hair.

Fortunately, I take care of my son’s hair properly. You can catch one of our cowash routines for his curls along with some haircare practices that’s helped me despite my heat damage.