2.pngMy stepfather graduated from Georgetown with a Bachelors in Literature and he’s since been a Manager at a CVS, an Account Manager for a branding agency, and now a Job Recruiter making guapo commission. As we know, Literature majors are typically journalists, publishers, educators, or public relations reps. Well how did he get to be so diverse?

You’ll likely go to Indeed— “the world’s number one job site.” These options all look tasty but the links take you to external sites. We’re gonna find something you can apply to from Indeed to keep it simple.

I chose an Account Manager application for Tastemade. You’re gonna be looking for the responsibilities section (“What you’ll do”) and the qualifications section (“What you’ll bring”). You’re gonna wanna read every single word and pick out very specific keywords that relate to your skills. Employers insert keywords into their application so that when they’re ready to pick resumes, they could filter the resumes they’re looking for by throwing those keywords into a search box and pulling the resumes that come up. The resume you create to cater to this method is called a target resume. Applying to jobs is hard alone and having to change your resume for every single application can get exhausting but it’s worth it. I wish I had a mind-whopping statistic for how many employers hire from online applications versus paper applications but it’s a lot these days.

I went ahead and highlighted some good keywords the employers are most likely looking for. Yes, it is generally a guessing game.


So now let’s jump back to your resume. You may want to review what the former looked like. The highlighted keywords are the keywords taken from the application that the employer would likely search for– “data pulls,” “point of contact,” and “Keynote” look like big ones. But always double-check if the job description anywhere similar to what you intend to apply to is on your current SOW.



So your resume is all good to go! Now let’s work on that cover letter. With time, I’ve become satisfied with a to-the-point cover letter that summarizes the role you’re applying to, pertinent experience, and relevant work history in five sentences. To be more specific regarding your distance, you could write “I would like the opportunity to provide you with more information. I am seeking to relocate to New York as soon as possible. I have attached my resume as well as my contact information and I look forward to hearing from you.” Also, if you have a point-of-contact, addressing him or her by first and last name is even better.


Finally, it’s time to apply. I’m not sure if attaching a resume is factually better than applying with an Indeed resume but I always prefer applying to any job with a PDF copy of my resume. PDF’s just look slicker.


10.pngIf you’re like me, you’ve got a bunch of Indeed tabs open to several different account manager applications. You’ll get back to that later. It’s time to apply directly to the website not only to double your presence but to check for more positions Tastemade has to offer. Maybe you want to work in Santa Monica; maybe you want to be a Brand Strategist in Paris. Applying to as many positions as you possibly could is highly recommended. Different departments don’t usually discuss the different applications they receive and one department might be impressed by your zeal. Be sure you read through the job description in case there’s anything you want to add and always attach PDF copies unless otherwise specified.

Next up we’ll talk about interviews— building confidence, how to dress, body language, what to talk about, how to answer, etc. You can do this!