This video gave me chills and offers a great perspective. However, don’t attack but I’ve always thought Donald Trump was a great “baby-kisser” so to speak. His work started in money and expanded into entertainment. He didn’t get where he is steering clear of being outrageous. He’s a successful man because he knows how to get people to listen to him.

I don’t know what the future holds but, from the start of this campaign, I was highly convinced that he says all this stuff to get a particular vote so that he could then maybe try to affect the world. I’m not a Trump supporter. Not into politics at all. Only from what I’ve observed, the guy is a politician and a great strategist. And these people in support of him don’t look the most.. inquisitive. They look the type to easily fall for this. They’re endorsing their own hinterland image getting sucked into Donald Trump’s sermonizing loud mouth. But that’s only if I’m right (and I really hope I am).

Hillary Clinton may not be America’s sweetheart but I so respect her strength. Donald Trump dug up some kind of compliment during the Second Presidential Debate admiring Clinton for her grit and fortitude. I’ve seen some earlier videos of her speaking on campaigning for the children. The video is a timeline of her work in which you could see the innocence in her eyes washing away. I love watching life experience pass over anyone. I think she’s wanted this for a very long time and, for as long as she’s been in the contentious industry of politics, she’s got to be drained, antsy, but most importantly expert in the game. Sometimes I call her America’s “rider.” For that reason, I just want to help make a dream come true. I also feel that her potential to become near-and-dear to us (with the help of spontaneous SNL cameos) would be inline with one of the United States’ most favored presidents in history– that would just be her husband William Jefferson Clinton. Not a big deal or anything. I know Bill Clinton isn’t running for president but better someone who’s been seasoned and has someone to help her should the need arise. I hope I’m right about this, too.

Either of them could be defended. Donald Trump knows handling people to a T. Hillary Clinton is inured and determined.