He was born in Stamford, Connecticut to a mother and father whose families knew each other in Haiti. He holds his father’s name in his middle name like I hold his name in my middle name. He spends a lot of time with his mother who will never admit he has any flaws. She is a hardworking lady, though. She’s owned two homes in Stamford– a massive accomplishment more in this day than it was in the 1980’s but still. He is the eldest of two brothers and one sister.

He and my mother met in junior high and dated until they married in high school. After graduation, they had my sister– a spitting image of him. He enlisted in the Army shortly after I was born but I don’t remember that. The first job he maintained to my memory was “Bus Driver.” He picked is up from school and did his route with my infant sister strapped in her car seat. My sisters and I learned a lot from the public school kids. I still hold my breath when passing cemeteries.